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Zoho currently has two different CRM systems available for business and it can be confusing deciding which one is best suited to your business. 

So what are the different things that you need to consider when choosing your CRM system?


Consider the size of your business

Zoho Bigin is ideal for small business. If you are a medium to large size business then Zoho CRM is a better starting point for your business.


Consider the industry you are working in

If you are operating in a specialised industry where more customisation will be required then I would suggest starting off with Zoho CRM instead. It might seem a little confusing when you start with a larger CRM system however you can hide some of the modules that you are not using.
Generally when you start using Zoho CRM all of the modules are automatically activated for your business.


Consider whether business metrics are important to your business

Zoho Bigin is ideal for small business and will contain some basic measures to track leads and conversions. As your business grows however there might be a number of moving parts and objectives that you are trying to track and measure. In such instances, Zoho CRM will be better suited to your business.



If you’re still not sure which Zoho ZRM system to choose, do not despair as a free 30 day trial is available. We are also happy to provide you with a free consult to get you started and to steer you in the right direction. 

Our consults involve establishing what your business strategy is and the outcomes you would like to achieve. We also take the time to understand your pain points and consider how these can addressed by the CRM system being considered. 

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