Customised Business Solutions

Save time and money through customised mobile solutions that enable you to transform the way you do business!

Why Dynamic Digital Solutions?

Dynamic Digital Solutions helps small business owners save time and money through customised software development that encompass all elements of your business. Our customisable mobile solutions can: 

  • include elements of your operations, marketing, finance, tax and compliance
  • provide real-time, benchmarking and exception based reporting
  • be accessed from any mobile device
  • improve the quality and efficiency of your business

Better Business. Less Fuss.

Marketing – Operations – Finance – Tax – Compliance

Whilst there are plenty of business solutions out there; the range of complete and mobile operating systems available for small business owners can be limited.

DDS Authorized Zoho Partner

As an Authorized Zoho Partner; Dynamic Digital Solutions has the capabilities and expertise to develop a complete operating system that will address all elements of efficiently managing your business including operations, marketing, accounting, tax and compliance.

If you’re looking for a software developer on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane, Australia then Dynamic Digital Solutions is for you.

We are: 

  • Experienced – We have over 20 years experience creating, testing and reviewing application systems. Dynamic Digital Solutions is also an Authorized Zoho Partner and Certified Zoho Creator Solutions Provider and Kim Mclachlan is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Zoho Creator Developer.
  • Client Centric – We are custom software developers. Our solutions are tailored to your business needs and requirements. By only taking on a small group of clients we have time and energy to fully focus on you.
  • Informed – We have international experience in developing best practice systems, training and solutions. We have also developed both iOS and Android apps for business which are available on iTunes or Google Play.
  • Passionate – We’re passionate about developing custom software applications that suit the needs and requirements of your business and want your business to succeed.
  • Technology Focused – We understand that starting up a new business or running an existing small to medium business can be challenging and might put pressure on valuable resources and therefore our solutions promote managing your business on-the- go. This allows you to focus on the things that matter and to manage your business in a more cost efficient manner.
  • Globally recognised and secure platform – Zoho is an award winning platform used by more than 50 million users world wide. You can therefore rest assured that the system will be secure and will continue to support your business through all growth stages.
  • Australian based – We are software developers and app creators based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Our solutions are mobile and as a result we are able to provide our services anywhere in Australia. We are also available for face-to-face meetings in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.


But it sounds expensive…

Your customised operating system will be built on a globally recognised platform used by more than 50 million users and therefore we can ensure that the software solutions we provide are affordable. By importing existing spreadsheets into the Zoho operating system; we can also help fast track the process and design a customised digital solution within just a few weeks.

Subscriptions to Zoho One with access to over 40+ apps starts from just $43 a month per user (*).

But what about all the good things I have developed?

We use what you know and have already developed to design a customised operating system that is tailored to your business needs. Previously designed spreadsheets and word documents assist in fast tracking your system development process.

Using systems and processes that your employees and clients are used to and know can also fast track the transition to a digital system.

What do I need to get started?

Register for a free 30-day trial and we will contact you to discuss your needs and requirements and demonstrate how Zoho One can can transform the way you do business.

(*)The pricing is a guide only and will depend on your needs and requirements. Please note that GST is excluded