Are you a business coach, school, RTO, or training academy looking to streamline your enrolment process? Dynamic Digital Solutions has the solution for you. With Zoho One, you can focus on what matters most – training – while we help you optimise your enrolment operations.

Zoho One provides all the essential tools you need to efficiently run a training academy. From managing enquiries and enrolments to creating engaging online courses and collecting payments, Zoho One has got you covered. Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming tasks, and hello to a streamlined and automated process.

10 X Faster

Our pre-designed prototypes can be adapted to fit your specific needs, streamlining processes such as student enrolments, compliance checks, and training course management. We offer a team-oriented approach to software development.

Work Smarter

With Dynamic Digital Solutions, you can work smarter, not harder, and focus on what matters most – providing quality training to your clients. We provide tailored Zoho CRM solutions for training academies including student enrolments, online payments AND MORE!

Custom Design

At Dynamic Digital Solutions, our goal is to help aged care providers reclaim their time and resources by offering a team-oriented approach to software development. Our adopt a collaborative approach to design solutions with our clients around a boardroom table.



Zoho CRM serves as the foundation for every system we develop, empowering our clients to provide client-centric solutions for both their customers and employees.

Say goodbye to scattered systems and data silos. With Zoho One, everything you need is unified in one powerful platform. Streamline your enrolment process, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the student experience.

The best part is that all this information is easily accessible from your CRM dashboard. Zoho One seamlessly integrates with your CRM system, providing you with a client-centric view of each student. Gain valuable insights into their background, track their progress, and understand what they are currently studying. This holistic view empowers you to deliver personalized and targeted training experiences.

Contact Dynamic Digital Solutions to learn more and discover how we can transform your enrolment process into a seamless and student-centric journey. Training and support packages are available

Streamlined Enrolment Processes

Our customized software solutions can help streamline your enrolment processes, making it easier for students to register for courses and improving the overall student experience.

Compliance Management

Our software includes integrated compliance forms and automated filing systems, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements related to student enrolment.

Online Booking System

Our online booking system makes it easy for students to enrol in your courses, reducing the administrative burden on your staff and helping to ensure that all enrolments are captured accurately.

Enhanced Collaboration

Our task management and collaboration tools promote teamwork and allow your staff to work together more effectively, ensuring that student enrolment processes are completed efficiently and accurately.

Improved Communication

Our Zoho CRM solutions provide a complete view of your students, enabling you to communicate with them more effectively and drive engagement.

Scalable Solutions

Our software solutions are scalable, so you can easily handle growth in student enrolments without worrying about outgrowing your software. We can also customize our solutions to meet your unique needs and requirements as your training academy evolves.

Customise your CRM System

We offer pre-designed prototypes that can be customised to fit the unique needs of our clients, allowing us to work together to develop solutions that fit their unique needs.

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Building and Construction

Building and Construction

CRM systems including quoting, invoicing, work schedules, timesheets, SWMS, compliance forms and MORE!

Aged Care

Aged Care

CRM Systems including employee onboarding, policy manuals and procedures, compliance forms, employment contracts and MORE!

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

CRM system for tracking day-to-day activities, work schedules, timesheets, invoices, proposals, online portals for cleaners, checklists, quality reviews, and more.

Property Services

Property Services

CRM Systems including quoting and invoicing to managing work schedules, timesheets, safe work method statements, and MORE!

Training Academies

Training Academies

A powerful CRM system for managing enrolments, applications, e-learning modules, online payments, and more.



A powerful CRM system for managing clients, online bookings, e-learning modules, contracts, compliance, online payments, and MORE.


Our Pricing

We offer pre-designed prototypes that can be customised to fit the unique needs of our clients, allowing us to work together to develop solutions that fit their unique needs. By working collaboratively with our clients, we are able to speed up the software development process and facilitate the change management and implementation processes.

All our solutions start with a CRM System and are tailored to your business vision and strategy. Having a CRM system is essential to providing client centric solutions.

We understand that some customers may require more support than others, which is why we offer a range of DIY support packages tailored to your needs, including group sessions and one-on-one training and support.

Our prices are therefore indicative only and may not reflect the final price.


Let’s look at our latest custom solutions

We have pre-built a number of CRM add-ons for your business. These include amongst other:

Safework Method Statements

The SWMS templates are accessible on any device with an internet connection, and users can easily create, update, and share them with their team members.

Work Schedules

Easily access your work schedules and job requirements from any device, with the ability to complete checklists and timesheets. Once tasks are finished, you can conveniently send invoices to clients whilst onsite.

Online Asset Registers

The use of QR codes can help businesses keep track of their assets and maintenance needs. This can be done by using a mobile device to scan assets in and out, and accessing this information from any device.

Human Resources

Streamline your HR processes using online forms, employment contracts, policies and procedure manuals, e-learning modules, performance reviews, job descriptions AND more!

Online Bookings

Zoho Bookings can be used to manage appointments online and help you streamline your scheduling process. In addition to this, we offer custom car hire solutions that include the use of QR codes to manage hire purchase agreements, payments, and travel itineraries.

Online Estimates and Quoting

We specialise in converting complex quoting processes into a streamlined online quoting system. Our services cater to a variety of industries, such as curtain and blind manufacturers, office fit-out companies, and solar companies.



By working collaboratively with our clients, we are able to understand their vision and strategy and to create customised systems in a matter of days!

    Alex Campos
    Alex Campos

    The Nude Window

    Our quoting system is complex and I did not think we would be able to quote on the job. Kim made the impossible possible and made it simple for us using layouts similar to what we are used to. My dreams have become a reality with Zoho One.

      Tony Cross
      Tony Cross

      Sunny Coast Car Hire

      I did not realise it was possible for passengers coming off a cruise ship to scan a QR code and hire and pay for a car in under 7 minutes. Once hired they have day trip itineraries and maps available on their mobile device. You can pretty much create anything you need in Zoho One.

        Christine Genocchio
        Christine Genocchio


        Everything is in one place – so easy to access and use. Kim has a wealth of knowledge and experience in systems and has trained me how to use Zoho One. Zoho One can create anything your business needs to run effectively and efficiently.

        Years System Architect
        Years Zoho Partner
        Lines of Code


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