Zoho One: all the business apps you need to start or grow your business!

Zoho One is an affordable choice

Struggling to choose a system?

The internet is inundated with a number of software solutions and as a small business owner it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide which solution to start with given your budget, needs and requirements.

Small business owners can also be quite price sensitive and as a result might compromise on other areas e.g.mobile access, security, ease of use, performance, etc.

This however no longer needs to be the case! With Zoho One you will have all the mobile business apps you need at your fingertips! And best of all these apps can all talk to each other when connected through a common login.

What is Zoho One?

Zoho One includes 40+ mobile and web-based business applications for you to start or grow your business; and best of all these all integrate with each other. You can also log-in to all of these apps using one login.

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Do I need Zoho if I am just starting out?

Zoho One grows with your business and caters for different stages and processes of your business life cycle. For example if you are just starting out you might not need a more advanced CRM management system but once your business grows you can easily transfer relevant information to a more advanced CRM system.

What are some of the main features included in Zoho One?

  • Email : Ad-free email for your business

  • SalesInbox: A mailbox used to manage sales
  • Contact Manager : Manage your contacts and deals until you are
    ready for a CRM System
  • CRM : Transfer your contacts and deals to a more advanced
    CRM system once your business grows
  • Sites: Quickly build professional websites
  • SalesIQ: Be notified when users visit your website and
    engage with them through online chat when they visit
  • PageSense: Optimise your webpages for engagement and
  • Campaigns: Create, send and track effective email campaigns or
    design auto responders for users who visit and engage with your website
  • Backstage: Run and manage successful events
  • Survey: Create, send and analyse feedback from surveys
  • Forms: Build forms for lead generation or customer
  • Desk: Prioritise support requests from customers
  • Assist: View a customers device and troubleshoot customer
    issues remotely
  • Connect: Create your own private social network within your
  • Cliq: Message your team
  • Projects: Plan, track and collaborate on projects
  • Showtime: Bring your virtual training solution to life through
  • Meeting: Host online demos or hold meetings
  • Writer, Sheet and
    : Design word processor documents or
    create spreadsheets or slide decks
  • Analytics: A business intelligence platform that provides you
    with useful insights about your business
  • Docs: Store and share files
  • Sign: Sign documents digitally or request signatures
  • Notebook: Take notes
  • Books, Invoice,
    Expense, Inventory:
    Manage your finances and performance
  • Subscriptions,
    Checkout :
    Collect payments online or bill
    customers on a recurring or subscription basis
  • People, Recruit: Manage employees and talent
  • Zoho Creator: Create custom applications
  • Flow: Build connections between apps

That sounds expensive…

As a sole proprietor you can get access to the entire suite of 40+ apps for just $35* a month.

(*) The pricing does not include tax and is billed annually. A license needs to be purchased for ALL employees. Flexible user pricing is available at $100 a user plus GST.

How do I sign up?

As a Zoho Solutions Provider we are here to support you along your journey. Sign up for a free trial using the link below and we will book in a free consult to help get you started. To activate your account, please confirm your account using the email sent to you.

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