How to use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics can provide some powerful insights into a business but sometimes it’s really difficult to know where to start.

The best starting point for me is through Google themselves. I found this beginner’s guide really useful in setting up my management reports. It allowed me to identify:

  • my sales funnel
  • who my audience is by demographic and location
  • what the interests are of those engaging with my website
  • which pages they land on and how much time they spend on my website
  • which pages they exit my website on
  • how much time is spent on my website and how many pages are looked at
  • what drives my audience to contact me or to a sale
  • how to filter and exclude internal company sessions
  • how to track different products and brands
  • how to set up user permissions for different people in my organisation
  • how to create test and master views
  • how to set up customised dashboards which are relevant to my business
  • how to filter on information produced in the dashboards
  • how to interpret the information produced
  • how to tag email, newsletter and social media campaigns
  • how to link Google Analytics to Google Adwords 
  • keywords used by my audience to land on my website

Contact us if you need any assistance setting up or interpreting your Google Analytics Dashboards.

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