Customised Software and App Development

Customised development software

Customised software an app development is a great way to transform the way you do business and to drive quality and performance in everything you do! There are however a number of different factors to consider before publishing a web application or mobile app to iTunes or Google Play. Here are some factors to take into consideration:

  1. Solid concept and vision for an app: The iTunes and Google Play stores are inundated with a number of mobile applications that deliver the same functionality in a different layout. These kinds of mobile apps are being classified as spam. It can be quite frustrating if you have gone through a process to develop an app only to find out that when you try to register it on the App Stores that it is rejected. We would therefore recommend that you do your homework first and understand what your vision and strategy is for your app including consideration of what other mobile apps are available in the market place.
  2. Identify and survey your users: Developing software or an app for users without their input can be risky as you are assuming what the market needs without their input. It is therefore important that you understand who your target market will be and then engage them through the software and app development process.
  3. Do you have an existing client base for the app? : Engage your existing client base in your software and app development process. This will make your clients feel valued and increase your chances of developing software or an app that will be suited to their needs and requirements. Existing client bases will also provide support in instances where an App Store might have labelled your app as “spam”. Being able to prove that you have an existing target market that has had input into the software and app development process gives more merit and strength to your response to the App Store.
  4. Do I need an app if I have a web application?: Web applications provide limited mobile functionality. Consider the strategy and vision for your software development process and then assess whether a web application will be sufficient to address the needs and requirements of your target market. Most companies are future proofing the solutions they provide by offering a web application as well as an iOS and android mobile app. In most instances this adds very little additional cost to the software development process. Consult with your software development company to understand how these different platforms will influence the cost of your software development process.
  5. iOS or Android app development?: Before you decide on the platform it is important to understand your target market or client base. If you have an existing client base then you can survey them to understand their needs and requirements. If most of your users have iOS devices then it might be more cost effective to develop an iOS app only. Consult with your software development company as you might find that there is a very small differential cost to provide your software on both android and iOS platforms.
  6. Is it sufficient to market my app on the iTunes and Google Play stores?: Marketing your software and mobile app is not easy. Both iTunes and Google Play have their own advertising mediums but you can also market your software application or mobile app through Facebook, Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The platforms are endless and can be very costly and time consuming. Before starting your advertising campaign it is important to go back to your vision, strategy and target market. This will enable you to determine what the best platform is for your digital marketing campaign.
  7. How can I monitor my software and app’s performance?: There are a number of different digital measures that enable you to measure how well your software or mobile app is performing. One of the more cost effective and insightful tools is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is relatively simple to set up and is a good starting point to understanding your market. Google also provides some great self-help webinars and guides to get you started. If you publish your apps on iTunes or Google Play, they will also provide a dashboard of downloads and crash activity.
  8. How do I select a customised software development company?: When selecting a customised software development company it is important to consider their skills and experience. It is also important to consider the platforms they use and whether they are widely used in the market place. If you select a software development company that builds software on their own development platforms then it is important to consider how sustainable their business model is and whether they will be able to support your business in the long term. At Dynamic Digital Solutions we make use of platforms used by millions of other users. As these platforms grow so does our ability to provide improved functionality and best practice solutions with long lasting results.

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